Friday, 2 March 2012

17 Points

A hazy morning with lots of pool activities

Leap year day or not .... Egg is always keen to leap - crocks and all:
"what's the point of taking them off, they are made to resist water..."
quite right Egg, specially as you are not swimming these days .... just llllleaping :)

sitting at the edge of the pool,
Alex, Pip and Jonathan are scoring Egg's performance
9 from Alex, Pip's scratching her head and not sure how many points Egg's leap deserves
and Jonathan giving it 8 points ) "17 in total!"

Alex is off ... no more hanging around -
he's got 12 lengths ahead of him

Pip and Jonathan choosing a gentler entry
9 out of 10 for synchronicity!

level pegging on their first length

Alex way ahead of "the pack"

quick tumble turn and off again
in true Mr. Bubbles style

Pip and Jonathan reaching the deep end

Jonathan out of breath -
ready to swim back down again

I ran back down too to get an under water shot of Alex swimming ...
as I was lining up my shot, Alex stopped ....

... to take a shot of on coming Pip and Jonathan -
before resuming his swim- check out his shot

Pip swam another 2 lengths alone -
Jonathan was out and off to work ... via the sauna!

next in was Nick - swimming a width
" just have to wait until this "old man" swims past"
yes, why don't you dunk him while you are at it, Nick ...
Vince wasn't very pleased ...
"you really put me off ..." was Vince's reaction -
(he did muster a little smile, mind you ... lucky for Nick)

all clear - Nick's off on his 20 second burst!
splashing all over the show!


  1. Great pictures! Sorry I stopped but I do like the one of me taking a picture of Pip and Jonathan. I like the front on picture of me as well.

  2. yes, immediate change of plans needed! shame I couldn't get the 2 swimmers in too ...