Sunday, 18 March 2012

When 2 become 1

I took a few shots yesterday but never had the time to post them .. today ,I took only took one quick shot before heading off the the sauna after my 6 lengths ... I wanted to get my exercise and warm up in before the forthcoming gala between SLSC members and a swimming club from Guilford .. I wonder how we did? Alex swam in it ... maybe the will have taken shots as well as take part and will post them later on? Or even Mr / Mrs Ape could have very well covered the event ...?!



a closer look at Gus' bubbles

not sure who this swimmer is ...
but he sure looks like he means business

Mr. Ape

Working hard ..

along came Tricky ...

finishing his stroke all the way by his side

and he os off again

this is Michael's second dive in less than a minute ...
first tine round he forgot to tie his trunks properly and almost lost them ...
not this time :)

Fred and Jane head to head all the way to the line

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