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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Good Laugh

The water temperature was still at 11C ... time to make the most of it. Apparently, so Kit tells me, there is frost on the way and a few cold evening lie ahead...
After my swim and time in the sauna .. mainly chatting to Billy which means I was in for a good laugh (!) I went back in the water to take short film clips ... which I haven't edited as yet .. but will in good time ...

For now, pics only ..:)

Veronique starting off

while exploring the bottom of the pool ...

and along came Stephanie ... she swam 55 lengths ...

... on her 1st stint .. and after 1hour recovery (and getting warm again!) Stephanie went in a second time.
this time for 66 lengths ... all part of her training to swim the channel in July this year!

Friday, 30 March 2012

"Big Carl"

Coming through the top end entrance of the Lido, I spotted an orange cap swimming towards to deep end ... but, it was an orange cap with a difference ... I noticed a different smoothness to the swimmer's style. The arm movements were very elegant, strong, poised and rhythmical ... I know that style ... it didn't take me long at all to recognise that it was no over than Channel Swimmer "Big Carl"! He must have spotted me too while taking a breath to his left because he stopped in mid stroke to wave and say "Hi, how are you?! let's catch up after the swim!"
I was in the water soon after and when I reached the end of my 6th length we were at the shallow end of the pool together - I grabbed my camera and took a few quick fun shots of Carl before announcing I was going to swim 2 more lengths. Carl was ready to get out but decided to join me for another 2 followed by a chat in the sauna.

Great to have you back Carl!

Big Carl was back this morning ...

... "feeling much the better for it!"

ducking under ...

... with a big smile

... followed by a huge air bubble!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Going Up

The water temperature seems to be heading up just a bit more with every passing hour ... we are up to 11C today, according to David. It did feel a bit warmer, actually! Time to start working on stamina again ... Nick certainly did just that!

Nick swimming on his own, putting in some lengths (8 in total) to get up to speed
before challenging Alex and/or Ian again ..!

Catherine head down getting some serious channel training in, this morning ...
I could only catch her from this angle ... before she was gone ...

Alex ...

... and pushing off the wall after his tumble turn ....
I thought I was on the correct side of him to get his face .. clearly not!
Chris entering the pool in Chris style manner ...

and has it still all to do!

Alex performing his ballet move before ...

... taking a picture of me (which he may put up on his post later today)
taking a picture of him! we also tried some different diving moves .. which he tried to capture ... my guess is, it didn't work out as well as planned ...?!

Pip demonstrating his fish like qualities ... breathing under water!

Ian has time to wave while sparring with Pip ... earlier he was keeping Catherine company
swimming up and down the pool -
Both Pip and Catherine are teaming up this summer for a team channel crossing

Sue R. and Chris enjoying their swim too.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Serious Training

Another scorcher at the pool ... sun, no wind and the thermometer hanging on a thin rope in the deep end of the pool still showed 10C ... we are all in for a treat!

some (Chris, Kate and Sue B) are chatting/relaxing while others ...
like Alex are already swimming!
just image ... Kate informed us that (poor) Nando, Tricky and Ann who all shared a mini cab to get them safely to Heathrow for their flight to Rio ... missed their flight ... !
what a bummer!

flip flops, orange camera (and I !) waiting patiently for (orange cap) Alex to return to base

not sure who this swimmer is ...
but according to his cap he took part in our cold water champs!

Kate getting her swim in before heading off
to join the teachers strike march in Central London

stretch this arm ... just a little more, Kate !

Ian (back in his wetsuit) racing Nick on two lengths of the pool

Ian pipped Nick .. who later (in the sauna) reflected on his swim by thinking he has "lost his edge ..."
but quickly readjusted his thinking by adding ...
" the water is still not warm enough for me to get the best out my body"
that's the spirit Nick !

"Lonesome Chris" started off swimming on his own this morning as sparring partner Sue R. was in a meeting about the plans of The Building ...
he swam 10 lengths on his own and added another 8 when Sue finally got in ... which (to Chris' astonishment) made it "A MILE for Chris!!" ... in 10C!
well done, U!

After my swim I jumped back in (more toward the half way mark of the pool)
to get more action - and got another big smile from Kate!

after his "win", Ian was up for more serious training ,
hand paddles and all ...
here, he has just pushed off and is about to pull back for his first stroke

followed by fully stretching out ...
I love the rippling wave the water makes above Ian's body

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


We have finally made it to double figures two days in a row ..: 10C!! makes all the difference!

the morning sun catching Vince

Nicky swimming "through" the doors ...

Clare still nurturing a "bad back" but enjoying stretching out

and close up

I love the reflection Clare's glitzy cosy makes

Sue B ...
on her way up the pool she and I had a near miss collision ...
her goggles were leaking and she had shut her eyes .. she later confessed ... :)

Ian stretching out ...
now that he swam inadvertently without a wetsuit a few days ago ...
he thought of ditching it again, today ... tomorrow may be different ... :)

Fred .. the "new" Mr. Bubbles ...

Sue R and Chris .. more bubbles ...

sitting on top of the water ... the camera .. not me :)

Nick on his quick (and oh so fast!) spurt

Sue R. behind a wall of (more) bubbles .. this time mine
(from blowing out air under water)

waiting for some swimmers to come along ...

Ian was the first one ... to come into shot ... in lovely style

reaching the end of a length

Ian's tumble turn was faster than my camera was ready for shooting mode again ...
so I only caught him pushing off !

Monday, 26 March 2012

Off To Rio

Still nurturing an upset stomach which sidelined me all of Sunday, I arrived at the pool much later than usual ... Nando had just arrived too .. and Mr Ape was just leaving ... Other regular 8am swimmers were relaxing outside the caf, basking in spring sunshine ... what delight!

Nando's exuberant dive and last swim before jetting off to Rio for "The Big Race"
Tricky, Ann, Carl and .... is there someone else going?? are venturing to Rio De Janeiro, Brasil -
should be a lot of fun!

Nando diving in one more time ... for good luck

Nando picked my camera and caught me swimming back towards the shallow end

bubbles of joy

dolphin jump ... starting off ...

and finishing off, down under ...

"do it again, do it again", camera man's oders ...
spot Nando's toes !!