Thursday, 29 March 2012

Going Up

The water temperature seems to be heading up just a bit more with every passing hour ... we are up to 11C today, according to David. It did feel a bit warmer, actually! Time to start working on stamina again ... Nick certainly did just that!

Nick swimming on his own, putting in some lengths (8 in total) to get up to speed
before challenging Alex and/or Ian again ..!

Catherine head down getting some serious channel training in, this morning ...
I could only catch her from this angle ... before she was gone ...

Alex ...

... and pushing off the wall after his tumble turn ....
I thought I was on the correct side of him to get his face .. clearly not!
Chris entering the pool in Chris style manner ...

and has it still all to do!

Alex performing his ballet move before ...

... taking a picture of me (which he may put up on his post later today)
taking a picture of him! we also tried some different diving moves .. which he tried to capture ... my guess is, it didn't work out as well as planned ...?!

Pip demonstrating his fish like qualities ... breathing under water!

Ian has time to wave while sparring with Pip ... earlier he was keeping Catherine company
swimming up and down the pool -
Both Pip and Catherine are teaming up this summer for a team channel crossing

Sue R. and Chris enjoying their swim too.

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