Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jo Brand At The Lido

A glorious day full of excitement at The Lido - We had a special visitor : Jo Brand came accompanied by her TV crew entourage to film for a TV series about people's love affair with Cold Water swimming (so lifeguard Antony tells me) Jo was very brave indeed ... she is a good sport and a lovely person. Well you almost have to be a good sport if you work in film as you very rarely get the shot you're after in a single take. So not only did Jo have to get into 4.5 Celsius water once ... oh no. She "had' to do it 3 times! To be fair Jo did come to the Lido last week in an attempt to acclimatise somewhat before "the day" ... I didn't see her get in, mind you :) but I'm sure she would have done... Good to see that the camera man and the director made an effort to get in the water too ... in a wetsuit .. yes, I know - "dirty word" amongst Lido die hards - but hey, standing as opposed to swimming in 4.5 Celsius is quite tough ... and speaking of suits, Jo wore a lovely swim attire : knee long leggings, a sort of dress over it and a beautiful head scarf .. and all of it in black with red dots! Not sure if this will take off amongst Lido swimmer... but interest was shown.

camera man and director in with Jo on her 1st width

half way down her width Jo decided to carry on walking

here she is on her second width - Lifeguard Brian in the background looking on ... just in case!

Jo was all miked up too and the director kept asking her questions to which she gave Jo style answers!

The camera man showing a very steady hand - both he and the director also wore socks.

A few more strokes before Jo decides to stand up again ...

... well done, almost there ...

... now for the steps, come on one last effort Jo ...

... before you're truly out of the water - It must have been quite tricky swimming with all that gear on!?! and quite uncomfortable when wet - cold and wet stuff sticking to your skin can't be very pleasant.

Jo making her way to the sauna for what she hoped was going to be the last time ... today, anyway! To reach the sauna Jo had to walk across Jonathan and Chris's "hand tennis court"

camera man and director looked on catching Jo's every move. I hope they had it all in the bag ... cause Jo wasn't going to get back in :)


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