Monday, 21 March 2011

It's Officially Spring

Officially, today is the first day of spring and one could be forgiven for not quite buying into it ... just yet! But there is always hope and to be fair we have been shown some slight signs of spring ... such as the days getting longer, the sun peeping out from behind what seemed endlessly thick blankets of clouds and of course the lovely Daffodils! These irregular bursts of energy are so welcomed. Almost as on cue the sun is effectively trying hard to push through while I'm writing this blog and throwing a lovely light glow onto my keyboard.

However, it's mostly the water temperature that we swimmers go by! It's still hovering around the high end of 6 Celsius and we are all longing for it to push through the 7 C barrier and to keep going! As I said, there is always hope!

If it's any consolation, works on the Lido getting her (or is it his) annual make over have begun!

this is just the beginning of quiet a task ahead

I'm even getting quite good at the head on stuff ...
this is (headless) Alex -
I'm glad I caught Alex as told me that he finds these shots interesting .... :) by the way check out his blog too specially as he has taken a shot of me which I love!:)

For this picture of Nick I let the water run over the lens which gives the top of the image
that misty and almost mysterious feel

then Nick rolled over onto his back ... swimming without stress ?! maybe? check out the swimming without stress website. They supported our Cold Water Champs. and are offering SLSC members good deals

... and just as I was about to take an underwater shot of Nick on his back,
he decided to flip over onto his front again to swim breaststroke :)

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