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Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Touch of Vandalism & A Splash Of Colour

Coming to the Lido this morning you couldn't stop but to feel disappointed by the news that youngsters had (yet again) left their (negative) mark by vandalising some areas around the pool.
Worst hit was the sauna that the youngsters tried to break into - they must have been armed with crowbars or some kind of heavy tools as they managed to rip off the architrave and parts of the insulation of the door to the sauna...

According to lifeguard Brian they were caught on CCTV and are quite young of age ... The police was to come around later in the morning to assess the situation.

The good news, however, was that the pool was open for business and we could swim to our hearts content .. well, swim as many lengths or stay in as long as 10 Celsius allows one to stay in, knowing that there was no sauna at the end of the swim! For some, like Alex it was 12 lengths! Sue swam 10 .. Vince and I swam 4.
It was the most gorgeous swim I have had in a long time! The water felt so soft albeit a bit cloudier than usual. As I was coming down my 4th length I felt the purest sensation of total bliss - the combination of gliding through the water, feeling 10C water on my body, relaxing more with each stroke and extending my body as much as I could, I experienced 100% enjoyment and total happiness. It may just have been for a fleeting moment but I was very aware of it and I am still treasuring the moment. I could have stayed in for at least another 2 lengths but I wanted to keep it at that and finish on a real high! Besides I also anted to avoid getting chilled right to the bone.
Not having the sauna truly brings back this "pure" feeling of cold water swimming. The sauna definitely adds another dimension to the whole cold water swimming experience, specially if one gets back into the pool after a good "cooking" in the sauna. Not having that luxury on the other hand represents nothing but a simple variation to the wonderful exposure of cold water swimming.

But before even going over the sauna to inspect and record the amount of vandalism that took place I spotted more Lido Art which caught my eye!

A bewildered and upset John Barker
inspecting the damage to door of the sauna

more damage to the side window

Lido Art

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