Saturday, 5 March 2011

Time To Make Butter

What else would you want to do on a saturday morning after a great swim in 4 degrees Celsius than making fresh butter?! What else? Well, spread that homemade butter on delicious homemade bread springs to mind! All of the above (and more!) is exactly what happened this morning at the Lido Caffe.
A while ago, Nicky promised a group of us to demonstrate how to produce butter by simply putting a pot of double cream into a glass jar and start shaking it. Intrigued?! So was I!
Here the step by step guide on how to become a farmer in the comfort of your own home ... Nicky tells me that she makes her butter sitting in front of the telly watching Eastenders!

The only ingredient needed - a pot of fresh double cream

next grab a glass jar - bigger than the amount of double cream you'll be pouring into it

a bag - this is optional but Nicky advises to use one - so that you can do in front of the telly :)

pour the double cream into the glass jar (I know you've washed your jar, right!?!)

make sure you tighten the lid

pop the jar into THE bag !

twist around as shown :) so you can grab hold of it .. and ...

....start shaking

if you get tired .. and you will ! pass it to someone else!

No... we are not finished .. yet! Nicky just brought butter she made the night before (watching Eastenders no doubt!) to keep us motivated!

yep ... over to someone else - keep shaking!

let's have a quick check as to what is happening in the magic bag? NOTHING! .. yet

over to Sangeeta - shake it girl!

and over to Gail - showing us a bit of her adapt wrist action

Wendy giving it her all too

ahhh, first signs of movement - we have a thick cream ... "keep going" were Nicky's orders

even Batch had a go and soon got "bored"

however, he must have given the magic bag quite a good shake ...
... as after a second inspection the consistency had now changed to clotted cream ... not quite what we are after - keep going -

over to Alison who looked somewhat bewildered

and here we go suddenly after more vigorous shaking - it suddenly went "splash" as Nicky puts it and the content of the jar (miraculously) changed to a block - the buttermilk has separated and the butter is floating in an inch of buttermilk

which is now been poured out of the jar - and (in this case) down the sink ... you can of course use the buttermilk to make scones (so I have been told!)

get the butter out of the jar

get every bit of it out - there is still some buttermilk that needs to be poured out too

almost got all of the butter out

squeeze so to eliminate all of the buttermilk

and bingo! here we go: a lump (as opposed to a bloc!) of freshly made Lido Butter!

One can put it into a shape - you can add salt - if you so wish - you can add herbs and make a delicious herb butter - (I usually add finely chopped chives! delicious!)

it spreads very well and is so creamy - here on Rixa's home made bread - absolutely delicious!

"Living room farmer" Nicky

we also had other delicious goodies:

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