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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Some Championship Photos

Ok, time to check out all the photos I have taken at the Cold Water Championships -

I had lots of photos to look through, specially as I shot on both my Canon IXUS camera (the one you normally see me with and I can take under water) and my Canon 5D SLR which I used with a longer lens.

I have uploaded the photos on Picassa - they are in two different folders one for the images shot with the IXUS and one folder with the images shot with then 5D

Here a taste of what you'll find on Picassa - maybe you are featured ..? check it out!

let the Championship begin ... in style

and with a bit of music

Sangeeta and Charlotte in charge of more music

Lady racer set to tackle her heat

fancy hat judges in action

2nd place for this lovely hat

whatever floats your boat...

... or your boat ... far away from the action -in the deep end having a bit of a kip

the relay races are always well attended - it was lovely to see Jack (just pushing off) and Bob (just reaching for the edge of the pool after his bit)!

Lucky no. 16 - Brian and Bob

Gail was part of the "frozen smiles" team ... not only did Gail race back to finish the race she also rescued Sangita's hand made hat which she's put round her arm

made it to the end

one competitor had "butterflies" before her race ...

... while Gail was simply her exuberant self

Chris and Egg - the usual suspects were keeping the public informed (and amused?!)

Batch - best runner and collector of all the race times

Teenage racer - Harry Ingamells

(Ingamells) - family affair in the relay team

two gold medalists: Yvonne and the German lady - they swam in the same heat but in different age categories

Amazing for them both to be competing in 3 Degrees Celsius

some are winners before they even race

and others (Lou) is an exhausted (breaststroke) winner

SLSC member, Ann did extremely well defending the head up breaststroke
title she won in Bled

SLSC member, Cyril also defended his title in magnificent style - he's 88 and with that the oldest competitor!

best place to be ...

... or was this better?! I guess whatever got you warmer faster ! for me the hot tub was a welcomed change to my daily winter swimming routine which includes the sauna.

Irene, one of the many marshals in action

Mandy showing true grit and determination in her heat

cooking with freezing water

and they are off to a flying start

Lifeguard Antony keeping an eye on things

a dipper who just couldn't get enough - he kept swimming up and down the dippers lane

This year competitors had blue carpet treatment

Tricky getting ready for the endurance race

the first lot of endurance swimmers already in the pool before they are let loose!

and they're off too

time for lot two - the faster swimmers

they certainly meant business - 2 circuits of the pool ahead of them

Are they completely round the bend?!

Carl Reynolds coming to the buoy on his second lap

this competitor has made it home safe(ly) but not so dry!

Carl Richards on his way during the endurance race

Time for the prize giving - honouring the competitors was no other than the mayor himself

one of many prize giving ceremonies - Sue Rentoul won bronze in the freestyle race of her age category .. which in fact was also my category ..
However, I was no where near as fast as she was .... :)

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