Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Frost Is Back

After what was described my Sue Rentoul as a Monsoon... frost has (finally) returned to the lido! Well, it is January after all! Besides, the water temperature was getting (far) too warm, specially as the cold water championships are almost upon us .. yeah, only three more sleeps :) and we are there!

Last time we held the CW Champs. at the Lido (January 20o9) the water temperature was 3 Celsius and the year before the water measured at 7 Celsius which most hardened cold water swimmers found too warm!

Not sure what the thermometer will read on saturday .. but the way things are shaping up and if we are to believe the weather forecast we are in for some nippy nights and, come saturday, perfect cold water swimming conditions!

Preparations for the championships are well under way too - today the grandstand went up and more music rehearsals also took place!

Frost on the tables in front of the caf

charlotte and ...

... nicky swam a few widths, while ...

The grandstand was being erected ... with ...

... painstaking precision - spot the spirit level!

Carol and Susan were practicing their sax piece for the championships opening - hear their first attempt - I promise it did get (much) better and will be perfect on the day!

and they did get rewarded - a lovely cup of tea was waiting for them!

what a beautiful instrument, the sax is!

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