Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Quick Roundup

Seeing that a lot has happened at the Lido lately I thought I'd post a quick round up of photos to keep everybody informed.

It's January, yes a new year, 2011, a new beginning (for some), maybe some New Year's resolutions have been made ..?! I certainly have started the new year in good faith for what it will bring ...

Sadly this new year has also brought some terrible natural catastrophes - Australia, Brasil ... and my heart goes out to all the people and people's families who have been made homeless ... those the families that have lost loved ones ... sadly one of our SLSC members has tragically lost his mother in the recent landslides .... God Bless Her.

The Lido does remains a sanctuary and how lucky and blessed are we to have that magical place!

Ivan saw in the New Year in style

At the beginning of January the pool was still frozen!

lonely goggles

an amazing winter sky

followed by a miserable day .. rain, rain, rain .. pretty much since then - life guard Aaron on duty that day.

The Lido kindly let a film crew who were using the car park as base use the ladies toilets ... but only if the crew went for a dip first!

Billy with his smile and tattoos brightened up ... the day!

dress rehearsal for the up coming cold water champs. (saturday, jan.22nd - be there!)

Charlotte practicing for the grand opening of the cold water champs.

I caught up with Carl Richards and interviewed him for my boo - Carl is AMAZING!

That particular day Carl swam 4 lengths and 2 widths - water temperature 3 Celsius - I managed 1 length :)

Carl had the pool all to himself - normally his good friend and training buddy Carl (yes another Carl - this time Reynolds) swims with him - that day I kept walking up and down with carl .. hear it all on THE BOO :) there are a few boos on Carl so keep browsing for the sequences...

Lifeguard Sarah was keen to take a photo of Tricky and me after our swim - sauna - dip routine! Tricky swam 4 lengths I did 1 length and 2 widths at 3 celsius

Rocky, the 6 months old rescue puppy came to the lido - hear his story!

and then ... David came to the Lido - David was writing a piece on cold water swimming for the telegraph and though he'd better try it out himself ..

David was in for a treat ... the water had risen to 4 celsius that day!

Clara was sent to take photos of David's attempt at cold water swimming - listen to what he had to say

The 2 Carls came to give moral support

Carl Richards swam six lengths and two widths - same temperature : 4 Celsius - mind you we SLSC members are swimming it regularly - some of us including me daily - which makes a huge difference - carl has inspired me to up my game too - I'm up to two lengths - not bad ... I thought :)

Carl Reynolds (2) - pushing off - looking for Carl (1) - yep, he was there alright ... and Carl 1 even went on to do six lengths when Carl 2 stopped at 4 and added 2 widths for good measure - for those who don't know : a length at the Lido is 100 yards ( 90 meters) and a widths is 33 yards - 30 meters

and today - 15/1/2011 the temperature is the warmest it has been in a long, long time - barmy 5 celsius

Wendy and Gail sharing a well deserved cup of hot chocolate after their swim ...

and that's it for the round up - hope you've all enjoyed it!

keep in touch with the daily boo and look forward to another round up soon- probably after the cold water champs which are held on jan. 22nd ... wow that's next saturday ... can't wait ;)


  1. pride...I did 4 lengths and six widths!

  2. I'm just back from India where it was 35ºC. My camera is now fixed and I hope to try and get back into the water this week. Thanks for the update.

  3. Wow Carl that equates to 6 lengths then ... which means that the endurance is in the bag! well done!

    Good to know you are well Mr. Bubbles- India - superb- hope to see you for the championships next saturday!?!