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Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Ever Popular Lido Crawl

Last weekend in November and a year on. This can only mean: Lido Crawl! YEAHHHH!

Every Year more SLSC members join in - some of us cycle between the 4 water holes we swim in, others prefer to drive.

I feel that cycling is so part of the fun and I can assure all those who decided to drive that cycling gets the blood back into the parts that may have been deprived of it (during the splishes)

7.30 am - Fernando with his very desirable toy!

which he placed under water far enough away to catch us all jumping in - can't wait to see the results of Fernando's shoot

next stop: Serps in Hyde Park and after our swim we besieged ...

the Lido cafe for a well deserved breakfast

before heading further north to Parliament Hill -
Ian capturing me taking a photo of him taking a photo of ... yes me ...

full of anticipation

Sue (rentoul) stood at the edge of the pool "for ages" - I overheard her saying that she can't dive very well ... Don't know about you? but this dive looks pretty good to me!


Ian and Vince



Batch's impersonation of a seal?!


not sure who that is .. but I like it! I think it's Doro in the background

Batch at his best

One simply has to love the colour of the water in this Lido -
all thanks to the silver lining which is just sublime

The Parliament Hill Lido Cafe - if only we could also have a cafe like that at the Tooting Bec Lido ...!

Suzanne took a shot of me



This (poor) regular Parliament Hill Lido swimmer is
desperately trying to get out and away from us


Pip (and Ben in the background)


Pip stayed in forever .. well, so did I - I got very cold indeed! But nothing that a brisk, teeth chattering walk to the men's pond couldn't fix!

Fernando arriving at Parliament Hill

after a short walk across Hampstead Heath
we arrived at the 4th and last water hole

The men's pond!

Shhhh.... don't tell anybody - ladies were allowed in too
here Fernando's daughter, Olivia is jumping for joy!

I gave Pip (who was in the water) my camera for shots from a different angle -
not a bad dive (of me ... even if I say so myself ..:)

great splash

I love that shot : well done Pip!

Pip in action

Olivia couldn't get enough

this may very well be Pip .. again .. not sure who was playing with my camera,
while I got dressed?

Along the Regents Canal : one of my favourite bits of the cycle ride home


  1. great story. have now set up subs on my blog.

  2. Love it! Great pictures, I'll have to come along one of these days.

  3. yes, Alex just one year to go and you too can be part of the infamous lido crawl ... you won't be clocking up a mile (in the water) mind you .. but the cycling is quite far - round trip was about 50Km.

  4. perhaps there should be a summer one, which takes in more lidos - like Brockwell