Thursday, 24 November 2011

Missed Another Day

Due to my trip to Brighton yesterday - to meet a micro coffee roaster - I couldn't make it to the Lido for my swim ... I hear it was amazing at the lido yesterday ... seeing all the fog in the morning when I left, I could very well imagine how atmospheric it must have been here ... today wasn't "bad" either though!
And my day in Brighton was beautiful too - My business partner, Danny and I are planning on opening an independent coffee shop, selling amazing specialist coffee and beautiful artisan food... where I hear you ask? just up the road, in Fulham. I will keep you coffee lovers posted ... in fact today is sort of a big day... as soon as I will have finished this blog entry, I'm off to meet danny at our potential premises, to view it (again) this time with an interior designer and to put an offer in ... exciting stuff! I'll keep you posted

view from in the water after my glorious swim ...

the sun just thinking about coming out - I wonder whether people in the aeroplane can see the Lido ?

As I was gathering my things (in the cubicle) I saw this happy looking man (who I have not met before) enjoying his swim - when I commented on how happy he looked, he replied: " well, that's because I know what's next!" No doubt he was referring to his trip to the sauna!

I was almost ready to head back home when I saw Nick (who I only just met today) performing this beautiful stretch - He quickly said it's like summer in the sun - "I could just go home after my stretch and no one would know whether I've been in the water :)!"
Oh no, I replied I'm sure you will go in - it's amazing in!
but did he?! I didn't stay on to witness it...

and to the left .. or is it right?!

proof that we are not in the hight of the summer -
dead leaves fished out from the bottom of the pool

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