Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sky On Fire

When I cycled up Tooting Bec Road this morning just before 7am the sky seemed to be on fire! My first stop was not to be the Lido mind you... and by the time I arrived at the Pool clouds had filled the sky again and the sun stayed well hidden .. nonetheless, Suzanne and Michael dived in.

If felt as if the water had dropped ever so slightly over night ... I made a point of stopping at the deep end after my third length to pull out the thermometer (which is dangling in the deep) - I'm sure it is closer to 10 C than it is to 11 C ?! Whatever the temperature I was sure to swim back down to the shallow end ... flip flops are parked there!

Cycling up Tooting Bec Road - I had to stop ..

I cycled on for a bit and took this shot of a sky on fire

the leaves have almost all been blown off these two trees.

Suzanne didn't take much convincing to perform a (near to!) perfect dive:)

she even re-surfaced!

time for Michael to join her.

Alison just got in when I was fully dressed and ready to leave.

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