Saturday, 19 November 2011

Last Of The Mohicans

Alison with her "Mohican" styled hair!

Chatting to (lifeguard) Sarah this caught my attention!
Not sure what it's used for?!

Barbara getting ready for her swim

wetsuits swimmer coming out of the water - he had needed a plunge after having spend some time in the sauna

2 wetsuits getting changed :)

Maureen taking a breath

another fully mummified wetsuit ... gloves cap socks and all!

Maureen relaxing into her stroke

and gliding it out

after my 2nd length I caught up with the mummy ... quickly grabbed my camera before heading off for another 2 lengths ... and off to the sauna ... only to get back in for a fantastically energising 2nd swim!

by the time I came out of the water, the sun was throwing such a lovely soft light onto the men's cubicle and the tree ... part of the waterproof casing for my camera had drops of water on parts of the lens area which gives this picture a blurred effect on the edges.
I like it:)

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