Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sheer Delight And Determination

All I could hear when I arrived at the pool this morning were loud moans and groans coming from the direction of the water! Taking a closer look I spotted a pink cap swimming up towards the deep end ... still muttering .... but now words of excitement, which must have been provoked by the sheer delight of the water (temperature), traveled towards me - Linda!

Linda wasn't swimming alone ...

Amanda swam next to Linda, much keener than Linda
and ready to swim back down towards the shallow end. Both very happy with their decision!

As I walked down towards the shallow end,
Sophie and her gorgeous daughter Norah (love the name!) were on their way out

Norah, playful and very determined to walk.

With her pedigree, Norah will be swimming soon!

As I was about to get in, Batch pushed off on his first length

We swam almost together and after length 2 Batch waited for me

one shot wasn't enough!
we swam another 4 lengths - enough at 51 Fahrenheit - 50.5 C

before getting out I quickly caught Bettie on her 1st length - what an inspiration!

love the arm actions - Fernando's glide and
Richard's shoulder/elbow movement

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