Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Back (UP) To 8C

trying out the "retro camera" app on my HTC .... quite lovely!

It was good to see David back in the water - he must have recovered very quickly as his voice was still very coarse yesterday - he told me that he was feeling better and would be feeling even better if he hadn't been woken by his neighbours cats (fighting) early this morning ...! But the "real" good news of the morning must surely be that the water temperature was back up to 8C!

Sangeeta fully stretched

Mr Bubbles was already in the pool bright (orange) and early too

2 abandoned souls waiting for their masters...

big pile of dead leaves "better out than in"
thanx to the tireless lifeguards

Jonathan on his 2 widths - the sun just tried to break through
(sadly for only about a nano second ..)

Ian about to get in

and pushing off - amazing how buoyant the wetsuit makes Ian

Alex deciding whether to swim another ... how many?!
you and me and possible Alex himself will be happy to know that he's at the end of his 18th length and is calling it a day!

while Sue and Ian are still in full flow

Jonathan on his way out of the sauna

after 4 lengths and a good stint in the sauna, it was time to get back in for 2 widths - Carl still fully dressed put his hand in the water to take that shot - thanx Carl

now it was time for Carl and Kate to make a move ...
get changed .. blow the nose (of course) ...

... and enjoy a great swim!

Angus performing his heroic entry

and energetic get away!

while James is taking it al in and a bit easier!

strolling down to the shallow end in retro style

choosing my cubicle "in retro theme"

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