Friday, 4 November 2011

Eyes Everywhere

heavy rainfall of last night and this morning leaving its mark

happy bike waiting patiently for its owner

while this bike is put away in the "dog box" :)

after my 6 lengths, the clouds started to lift ... the light was improving and ...

... it was time for some underwater shots ... of Pip and Batch were the first ones heading back to the shallow end

deciding whether to swim some more

Batch promised to keep his belly muscles tight ... :)

Pip is still swimming without goggles

Sue and Nick charging towards me .. I only just managed to keep my breath until they swam past ...

and turning around, I even got another shot of Sue

Nick races past me ... on a mission .. the catch up with Alex ... and he almost caught him ... Nick told me later that Alex got the shock of his life when he spotted Nick nipping at his heals during his tumble turn!

Chris joining the (swimming) party - as always easing himself in slowly by walking the first few yards.

Sue's arm (fully stretched out) seems to go on for ever ... the leaf at the end of her hand acts as a natural extension of her arm which makes it look even longer!

up .. over.. and ...

... away!

while Margy is contemplating her next move ... she did go in .. eventually ... and swam 6 lengths "feeling very strong", she said ... although her poor knees are still painful ...

Sue taking on the challenge of producing her version of a tumble turn for me ... you didn't have to wave at the camera at the same time, though, Sue :)

a smooth push off ... without a wave

this tree (railway side ) is already barren ... the sky looks very dramatic .. but shortly after that shot the sun did push through

Nick, after his explosive 2 lengths swim waiting patiently for Alex to finish (his 22 lengths) so that he could tease him about almost having caught him.

Ruby's extra set of eyes ... pointing backwards :)
You've always got to be on guard!

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  1. Nick's deluding himself that I was 'shocked', I saw him the whole time and slowed down for the last third when he was all out of puff.
    Possibly Nick could beat me on a width but he needs a lot more practise to beat me over a length.