Thursday, 17 November 2011

A First For The Season

Sadly, I couldn't have a swim yesterday as I had to leave @ 7am for a day in Berkshire ...
But I made up for lost grounds today ... not just one swim .. but two ... admittedly with a welcomed sauna interruption! The water felt nippier than it was on tuesday .. rather strange really as the air temperature is still quite mild (for november) - But apparently the water was really cold yesterday too.

Egg striding out ... bottom half already in swimming gear
top half still engrossed in music

Time to check out if the Sauna is really on ...

first signs ... goggles, cap and ear plugs on the decking outside the sauna!

but who does it all belong to? my lens fogged up .... these legs can only belong to Simon of course!

having the sauna on comes with certain duties!
members are invited to clean the sauna every week -
here the rota - put your name down - you can team up if you wish!

instruction on how to do it are displayed outside the sauna-
it's easy to do ... and rewarding!

the view back to the cubicles

the "special forces" are here too

scared ...?!

You don't have to be .. It's Egg performing a great dive

sharing the pool with ...

... Barbara

who has taken to swimming freestyle as well ...

... beautiful and graceful

owner of the "special forces towel" ... performing a "special forces dive"!

Tricky back in action

I love this shot of Tricky - pushing off while looking at me and blowing a trail of bubbles

the sun came out just as I had finished my 4th length - enough - the water had a definite bite to it ... perfect excuse to have my 1st sauna of the season!

and to finish on a high! back in the water for 2 widths (after the sauna) - beautiful!
Chris grabbed my camera ...

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