Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Neck To Neck

cycling up to the pool this morning - and seeing the sun under this thin layer of cloud I knew we were in for a treat -
soon after the sun gathered momentum for a dramatic appearance at the pool.

Angus was glowing.. not only because the sun had made it over the tree line and was beaming onto the cubicles ... Angus had just swam 4 lengths in 10 C - Yes, it is 10 C according to David, who would argue with Mr Thermometer himself !?!

Mr. Bubbles was alreday in the pool - oblivious of Alfonso, Alex tumble turned (as usual) while Alfonso jumped in - gaining a head start on Alex ... a fierce race was on the cards!

sill on the same length, Alex is already regaining the upper hand!

end of length one
Alfonso seems to regain a slight advantage thanks to his tumble turn

But Alex doesn't hang around for long .. it's neck to neck again

Alex not realising that Alfonso was in for more (punishment!?!) he stopped while Alfonso was tumble turning!

I didn't follow the two on that length as there was
more fun was to be had - poolside - something must have "cracked up" Chris!

back they are coming ... stroke for stroke

That's better - all together now!

Vince swimming into the sun

Chris getting ready

Erica usually goes for a run before getting in .. not today ... I love the light on the water and the wave Erica seems to create ... the water feels and looks so much heavier when the temperature drops.

my turn to get in and swim 4 glorious lengths - before taking this shot of Fernando
swimming and noticing the reflection of the sun on the water and on the doors, was simply magical!

Fernando setting up camp (under water)
He just doesn't want to (ever) get out of the water!

Oh ... and who on the improvised, unofficial, unintentional (yet serious!) "race"?
Have a guess!

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  1. I pulled up because I thought my hat might fall off. Alfonso gained a good yard on me each turn. It was funny because I could see you running up and down beside the lido to get those shots. I love the Fernando picture - he looks very happy underwater.