Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Back Below 8C

I played around with another photo application I got for the HTC - it's called Mytubo and has fun filters .. the one I like best is called ... "coffee"! well, no surprises there then ...! I also had to take my Ixus under ater though ... must be careful not to suddenly take the HTC (phone) under water!

Angus in mytubo look - (coffee filter applied ...what else!?!)

Jonathan getting out after a quick 2 widths

jane getting in ...

and taking off into the glorious sun

still mytubo application on the HTC - no filter

Batch stretching after his run with Sue ...

Afonso and Alex on their (coffee filter) tumble turns
Alex went on to do his 18 lengths again - Alfonso got our sooner!
One more day to go for Alex before he can swim "his mile in december".
if the water temp. stays the same, he is bound to do it!

back to taking pictures with my beloved IXUS which ..

.. I can take under water!
Fernando just starting on his 3rd length

more magic leaves

Hilary should like this (action) photo better
than the one I took of her coming up the steps yesterday :)
Fernando deciding on his next move ... Today he placed his super dooooper underwater camera in the deep end of the pool - will be so interesting to see how that camera captures the lido activities!

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