Monday, 28 November 2011

Definite Nip In The Air

David came into the sauna dry, this morning. A stinking cold, sadly kept him from getting in the water ... still, he came, saw and took the water temperature but without conquering (the water)! 46 F - 7.7 C the outcome...
It felt more like 7 C to me ... all that standing around (chatting and taking photos) in the cold air temperature (without gloves) before getting in, chilled me just that little bit too much - specially my hands took the beating this morning.

I took this photo of Vince with my HTC mobile phone -I quite like it as it shows Vince's lovely shoulder and elbow action ...

A quick dip and out for Jonathan this morning

Alex, still swimming a mile (18 lengths) -
he is aiming to swim a mile in december - not many more days to go, Alex - Let's hope the water temperature doesn't drop too much by thursday!

Pip making his entrance with steamed up glasses
(from his cycle ride)

I like the angle - Vince showing another high elbow action

Vince swam 6 lengths this morning

Fernando's first words after jumping is : "bloody hell it's cold!" and it was!

and yet .. he was on his merry way up the pool

and back ... 6 lengths in total

that's 4 more lengths than I did ..! but I stayed in long enough, specially while taking under water photos after my swim - besides I stood around for far too long chatting before getting in ... not the best of strategies for today's air temperature!
the swim, sauna and re-swim sorted me out ... nicely!

the leaves were plentiful this morning - great to swim through and fantastic to see

Nick getting tips from Alex?!
or was it the other way round?

After a few lengths, Hilary is making her way towards the steps ...

out ... shower ... sauna is Hilary's usual routine -
Eddy is warming up in the background

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  1. Ooh-er - didn't spot you taking that last one - think I looked better underwater!