Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Keep Swimming

The water temperature being at 12 degrees is helping SLSC members efforts and encourages quite a few swimmers to keep swimming ... to Latvia. One minute we are asked not to stay in the water too long and the next we're off swimming to Latvia .. confusing, I know ... just remember to be sensible and not to over do it!

circle of leaves in the shallow end

More drama in the (morning) sky
the clouds soon parted more and more to let the sun peep through

Michael was the only one in the pool when I arrived .. and he kept going and going ...
I forgot to check how many laps/miles he managed to get us closer to Latvia?!

red cap skimming the surface of the water

Alfonso closest to camera and Vince in the distance doing their bit to get us to Latvia

See, Peter does also swim and not only walk ...
in fact he seems to be staying in the water for a very long time ...

Hilary about to push off through a sea of leaves

she managed 12 lengths - "two too many" she said ... she felt the cold after her shower

Alfonso pushing off in good style - one hand above the other to create minor resistance

just had to get the hanging leaves -
the wind blew many more leaves into the water

Bernie coming down the stairs

she kept walking into deeper and deeper water until she had to swim!

Vince relaxing before getting out

Pip arrived with a bit of a dodgy shoulder ... well, he used another term to describe the state of his shoulder .. which I can't possible repeat :)

Sue (not Rentoul!) performing a salutation (in)to the sun and out of her cubicle!

adjusting her goggles she seems ready to brave the (next) element

into the sun - leaving a circle of leaves behind her

A leg, bubbles and a hint of an orange cap

Ian in the wetsuit gave Pip a bit of a head start -
he soon caught up with him though

Once the sun had fully surfaced the evidence of massive water activity also encreased

neat, tidy and clean!

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