Saturday, 5 November 2011

November Mile

When I arrived, Katherine was clutching her hot drink after having just swam a mile ... "it's all Richard's fault" she said .. who was still in his cubicle, struggling to get dressed while this conversation took place ..:) Nicky was fast to remind them both to transfer their distance into the "Swimming to Latvia" book which is on the counter in the caf .. makes for interesting reading! You'd be amazed how far we have already swam this first week ! So if are not on your way to Latvia yet ... please start swimming!

Katherine clutching her hot drink - recovering from her November mile!

Nicky reminding Katherine to transfer her mile effort into the "swimming to Latvia" book (in the caf)

Helen in her "home made" robe

very lovely it is too, hood and all!

and stepping into her cubicle (once the fashion show was over !)

flask and leaf

great strategy - whose shoes are these?!

Doreen on her way to breakfast

trail of bubbles

peter's under water exercises are getting more and more vigorous

walking forward and propelling himself forward with his arms at the same time

Gus' powerful leg kick

This wetsuit stayed in for a long time ...

playing around under water

not sure who that is ... but I so like the shape ...

Jonathan checking if all is (still) in place :)

Dr. Andy enjoying his daily swim

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