Friday, 25 November 2011

Blessed By The Rays

Today, there was no escaping the beautiful rays the sun blessed us with at the Lido. I had to drop off my car (for a Peugeot recall) this morning which meant that I (only) made it to the pool for 8.50am - perfect light for some inspiration.

In case you wondered how the offer on the premises we want for our coffee shop went ... ? We are confident in saying that "Dark Habits" could soon make its mark in Fulham ... we are not quite there yet ... our verbal offer, which the agent seemed happy to put forward to the owner, needs to be backed up in writing and with our business plan ... which all sounds promising ...

Time to say thank you with a few "shots" ... as in photos - for all the encouraging comments I have been receiving from SLSC members!
"shots of coffee" will come at a later stage!

"contre jour Carl" on his way to the sauna after a "cool 2 km swim"

I'm just about to get in ... proof that Ian is already in!

truly glorious moments in the pool this morning

while taking in the atmosphere this swimmer came along ...
we hadn't met before but we caught up in the sauna after our swims ...

where I found out that his name is Giles -
we had a lovely talk -
I'm always amazed by the "pool of people" one quite naturally gets to tap into at the Lido ...

Another lovely shots of Giles amongst the leaves in the shallow end -
not sure how many lengths Giles swam ... we spoke about coffee ... and the offer my business partner and I have put in yesterday -
Giles is a chattered surveyor and has a property business in Earlsfield - he kindly offered his help if we needed someone to look over our lease in return for a great cup of Dark Habits coffee! Thank Giles!

more playing around under water before ...

... heading over to the sauna.
the sun is so low in winter that my shadow made it into the bottom right hand corner of the frame!

proof of popularity

as I walked back to the pool for another 2 lengths,
Mark was just leaving on his bike

more action at the deep end of the pool ...
Stephen catching some rays ...

Liz swimming into the sun

Eamon catching his breath

Liz relaxing into a length of back stroke

still life while patiently waiting for more action ...

Stephen ready to weigh up his options...

... before performing his beautifully executed ritual

... leaving behind all but his trade mark

finally time for me to find my bike and head home

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  1. nice story as usual. thanks for the pic. good luck with the coffee shop.