Friday, 18 November 2011

A(nother) Sunny Day In The Making

Jonathan - very unusual for him to swim without his (special forces!) cap

the arrival of Fernando

Pip starting to strip down to her swimming costume :)

Jane getting in ...

... thinking (or praying?!) about it

... and pushing off

another sunny day in the making

unmistakably Batch (float between his legs!)

Jane still enjoying being in 9 degrees C

after my 4 length and taking a few under water shots
I'm off to the (crowded!) sauna

after my sauna and before getting in again I spotted Tricky getting ready for his stint - he wanted to swim 22 lengths : "well I'm preparing for (the cold water endurance race) Latvia, so I have to do my training." (was his reasoning!)
far in the distance you can see Pip and Ian - Tricky was waiting for them to get back to the shallow end so he could swim a few lengths with them.

Tricky is off into the sun and to a flying start

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