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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Brushing shoulders with an " Ironman"

As most Lido "die hards" are upping their game and swimming four lengths, I decided to increase my bit too and swam two lengths ... it felt great .. the water is really getting warmer now - let's hope the up trend continues so that we can get more swimming in! The comfort of having the sauna plays such a big role these "heroic" adventures!

Speaking of "heros" ... today I met another (another) Ironman!

Bennie performing a great dive to cool down after the sauna - at this stage I had no idea that I had actually been rubbing shoulders with an accountant turned Ironman!

Bennie showing Annie (who was duly impressed!) his Ironman Tatoo

As if completing an Ironman wasn't painful enough ... Barrie chose to have his accomplishment immortalised in the form of tattoo in one of the most sensitive and painful areas of his body :)

Barrie having a good old laugh when telling Annie and me about how he wanted to keep his trip to the Tattoo parlour a secret but ended up having to show the finished product to all his colleagues at work because the Tattoo artist left a message at the office to confirm Barrie's appointment

Annie was clearly bemused and in awe ... "had I know I would have asked permission to speak with you in the sauna ":)

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