Friday, 12 February 2010

Page 5

Who is the hero today then? Margy is of course a seasoned hero .... and back in the papers for her medal winning performance in Bled last month!
Today the hero medal goes to Chris and Sue (Rentoul .. there are so many Sue's it's hard to keep track, I know !) for swimming 2 lengths - Vince was, so says Chris, 10 yards short of joining them with today's accolade because he "only" swam 1 lengths and 3 widths :) which is 10 yards short of 2 length .... now there's a new insight into the dimensions of the Lido!
It's all done in good spirit and of course no one is out to outdo the other :) but and there is a but here :) it's always good to have that friendly teasing going on - it does help push oneself that little bit harder - bring on the PBs is what I say!
No PBs for me this past week, I'm afraid .. I have not been feeling 100% ... no, no cold or flu symptoms or anything like it ... just simply not feeling as great as I usually feel .. I hope I've not been "pushing" too hard the week before ... naaa, can't be that either ... I'll blame it on the hormones .. how about that!

Our seasoned hero Margy in the paper .. again ! "but only on page 5" Chris commented! Hang on a minute, "I could always take a shot of Margy in the showers to move her up a couple of pages :)"

Lifeguard Sarah keeping dry

Sue (not Rentoul :)) enjoying a serene swim

Sue looks just as serene under water!

... and beaming after her swim!

Sue, this time Rentoul, getting her last swim in after the sauna before heading off for a weeks skiing in France.

Friends Taina and Louise really happy after their sauna and "dip swims"

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