Monday, 22 February 2010

Back to normal

Despite the pouring rain I was (thankfully) back to my usual monday morning routine at the Lido! It was great to catch up with "the usual suspects"! A soon as came round the corner to park my bike I spotted Vince's Brompton bike and shortly after I had made it down the side of the pool and past the cubicles, Margy, Sue, Chris, and David trickled in... Chris and Margy mentioned how deserted it had been this past week ... with Sue (on a skiing holiday) and I (on the Level One swimming teacher course). Margy lamented about having to sit in the sauna by herself ... now, can anyone image poor Margy sitting in the sauna by her self ?! with no one to talk too :)
But hey, today, all was back to normal! Well, almost ...

... Chris swimming lengths on his own ... as he has been doing all of last week! Although "swimming buddy" Sue R was back at the pool, she decided to ease her way back into Lido water temperatures by swimming widths. Probably wise but very unlike her I haste to add :)

Mind you, I had been back at the Lido saturday and still stuck to widths too! A dive in (bliss), an improved :) tumble turn and back to where I started from! Followed by a bee line to the sauna of course :) and another width when coming out. fantastic ... almost made me forget that I had to cycle back in the the belting rain ...

Lifeguard Sarah keeping a watchful eye on Dr. Andy ...

... who has thoroughly enjoyed his morning outing

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