Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ice but no ice

patches of crystals on some of the concrete slabs

The northern winds were still howling this morning ... footsteps of swimmers coming out of the pool froze immediately ... yet surprisingly the pool was still clear of ice! the water temperature on the thermometer in the deep end was showing 1 Celsius- For Vince that was a clear message for swimming one length and one width ... actually: "I enjoyed it so much that I ended up swimming 1 length and 2 widths" - Did I not tell you that Vince is a hero! :) Today, however, only until Sue and Chris got in the pool, they went for 2 lengths straight! (without having consulted the thermometer mind you!) Now it was they who were howling when entering the sauna and no longer the wind!
My hands were cold enough just by taking my gloves off to take a few snaps ... that wind was relentless and bitter cold - I decided to stick to my 2 widths -it felt lovely to dive in just to get out of the wind!

frozen footsteps

Vince as relaxed as ever - and really "enjoying his swimming" - so he says :)

Ivan after the sauna - he usually brings his back pack with all his belongings into the sauna so that his clothes are warm when he slips back into them! Now that's what I call being super organised :)

the concrete floor was the coldest place at the Lido

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