Monday, 8 February 2010

All about style

Swimming alone is not enough (anymore) - This morning Chris and Nick were having a match of ... not quite sure what they call it actually?! hand tennis?! Anyway, they are almost (or maybe even more) passionate about hitting a tennis ball with their hand against a wall as they are about swimming. Specially Chris who is demonstrating his faculties in real style! I'm not quite sure how the scoring works .. nor what the rules are, but be careful on your way to the sauna as you may very well walk through their court (as I inadvertently did) and get told off!

I'm glad somebody was still swimming and in style too! Louise on her semi circle in the deep end after the sauna...

... and in a rush to put her robe on again - (watched by Nicky)

Louise's friend Taina did her splish in the shallow end

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