Thursday, 4 February 2010

What a reception

That is the reception I got from Brian for not getting to the pool at my usual time ;)

At least I got to see John a 12 o'clock regular - seeing John brought back memories from three winters ago (my first winter swimming at the Lido) when I used to go over lunch. It seems so long ago ... and my cold water swimming habits were definitely different then ... I wore gloves, I certainly didn't swim a length at 1 degree Celsius and had to spend at least 10 min. sitting on the radiator in the caf clutching a cup of hot water having a natter with John and Bridget before heading back home ... :) How things an changed and have change! It's actually amazing how my body has acclimatised to these, let's face it, rather extreme swimming conditions! Since last year when swimming in the cold water champs we held here at the Lido I haven't put on gloves and am doing surprisingly well ... I have also enjoyed pushing my boundaries and am happy to have clocked up a few PBs over the last few months! All down to having the sauna at the end of the icy tunnel!

Bob's wife enjoying time away from the horses

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