Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Am happy to report that I was back to swimming one length this morning - mind you, I was glad to get out the other end ... in one piece! My aim is to work my way back to doing two lengths by the end of the week! Gotta "keep up with the Jones" or even with Vince... if you get my drift!

Jonathan diving in after having ben in the sauna. His toes were so pointy that I couldn't keep them in frame!

Sue enjoying her swim

... and demonstrating the perfect "sculling" movements - a wonderful word I only learned last week on my course :) wonderful because I also learned that sculling (making a figure of eight movement with your hands under water) is the fundamental under water movement each stroke is based on! I bet many of you will feel much better knowing that ... :) However I wouldn't recommend sculling for too long in the Lido's winter water temperatures :)

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