Saturday, 6 February 2010

Rising to the challenge

An overly happy Wendy greeted me this morning announcing that inspired by my sharing of my personals bests on the blog, she had clocked up her own PB today!
"Two lengths at 3 degrees Celsius!"
"That's great!"
And here I was in a bit of a rush as I has to get to a Buddhist meeting thinking that I was quickly going to swim two widths and be off again.
Time to think again! How could I possibly "chicken out" when I inspire my "avid blog readers" :) to challenge themselves?!
No, of course I had to raise to the challenge and swim two lengths too! No time for mental preparation... "just do it" I thought!

cold hands after my two lengths...

...and warming my hands on Veronique who still has it all to do :)

Wendy savouring her well deserved hot drink after clocking up her Personal Best (PB) of the season, two lengths of the pool at 3 Degrees Celsius - Veronique looking on and getting ready for her swim

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