Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Top blog spot

It's great to know that "blog reading Lido members" are getting excited about being featured on the blog! When I showed Jonathan his picture he loved it! Soon after he saw the shot, Doreen was "chauffeured" down the side of the pool in style ... seeing me take a photo of the "Royal treatment" prompted Jonathan to say : "Oh I've just lost my front cover spot on todays blog!"

Admittedly the competition for the main spot was not yet a foregone conclusion ... I was pushed for choice. Was it going to be Doreen in her Rolls Royce or Jonathan giving it his all ? :)

Well, taking into account that I had to put my (dry and warm) hands back into freezing water while skilfully framing up the shot without looking through the view finder, I decided to give Jonathan and (myself !) the prime blog spot :)

But fear not, all action is featured with Doreen's photo rounding off this morning's Lido activities.
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Jonathan sprinted across a width of the pool ...

... after which he felt purely ecstatic :)

Angie arriving on yet another rainy Lido morning but full of joy ahead of her swim

A magic arm entered the pool ... but who does it belong too?

Mark setting off on two lengths of the pool ...

... and safely back.

Pip and I had fun swimming a length together

Royal treatment for Doreen ... who is (sadly) labouring a bad knee. However, nothing would keep Doreen away from coming to the Lido!

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