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Monday, 2 April 2012

Gertie And Bertie

Spring at The Lido without Gertie and Bertie would be unthinkable!

Ok, how many of you have spotted the new sign?
I admit to having over looked it ... I only spotted it this morning!
Sue R. tells me it's been up since the end of last week!
looks great! it also features our SLSC Logo!(for the first time !)

Gertie and Bertie back for their annual visit (and mating ritual)
Gertie is almost walking on the water ... ready to ...

... jump out -
this time she is not trying to get away from Bertie but

She soon jumped back in though - to Bertie's delight!

Sue and Chris also "a formidable pair" in the pool!

Traffic in the pool : Alex in the foreground swimming one way and Sue R
(and Chris) swimming the other way

the lovely sun patterns on the water are back too

1 comment:

  1. Go Gertie! Love the pic of her jumping out of the water.