Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What Day is It?

Tuesday? ... I wasn't too sure when getting up this morning ... the day certainly felt like a Monday (to me) ... after this Easter Bank Holiday!

When I arrived Alex was already in the pool ... I was on my last length when he took underwater shots today -he caught a fab photo of Nick, Sue R and Chris swimming "over him"

not sure who I've managed to scare here ?!

This is Ian ... when I arrived he asked me whether I would be joining the wetsuit brigade today?
No, not today ... I thought of swimming 10 lengths without and make a it a PB swim:
10 lengths @ 10C was a goal I had set myself for this cold water swimming season ..
and I did do just that ...
actually word in the sauna had it that the water felt colder than 10C so on my way out I checked .. it was 9C :)

Clare was in her shiny blue cosy this morning
(she has a green and a red one!)

Nick and Sue R. battling it out on their last length -
this shot shows Nick's amazing reach!
Sue swam 18 while Nick joined her for her last 10 lengths...
no wonder he "just, but only just pipped her at the post"

Ian - head down- a total of 18 lengths for him too

Nick and Sue R "already discussing tactics"
- while Chris cruising in (in the background)

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  1. 10 lengths - well done. It did feel quite cold today. Natalija managed to do 8 without a wetsuit, which is her record (wetsuitless). Martin