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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ode To The Fountain

It was a bit dull this morning ... overcast and windy ... which is (maybe) why I noticed the brilliance of the new look, refurbished, repainted fountain outside the cafe?! The water cascading out of the centre of the fountain was beautifully clear where as before the refurbe it looked rather yellow and murky due to the colour of the ageing fountain itself ...

light blue background makes for crystal clear water!

The water coming out of the fountain feeds the pool ...
and yet the water in the pool looked less clear due to what the bottom of the pool reflects ...

Nicky happy after her swim

Good to see Vince back after a few days away (over Easter)

Clare in a hurry reaching for the line ...

enjoying her swim before jetting off to Belfast

reverse shot of the gushing fountain ... this time looking back towards the coloured doors
no real break in the sky yet ... clouds still looming overhead ..
will we be in for "April Showers"?

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