Thursday, 25 February 2010

Brace yourselves

You had to be quick to catch a glimpse of the sun this morning ... but there it was, for a whole nano second I promise! Well, I got excited anyway ... But, is it only me or are most of you fed up with all that rain, rain and rain we are having? Just as I'm writing, I can hear people on the street below my window complaining about the rain ... how very british! But hey, all there is to it is for us to brace ourselves before the massive draught we are going to have this summer ...
Picture this: heat wave after heat wave ... people unable to go to work because of the heat (this time) :)
One thing is for sure, we'll still be coming to the Lido for a refreshing splish possibly even wishing the water temperature was back to winter temperatures :) But would we be wishing for rain? ... not sure!

Thumbs up from Mark just before setting off on his (impressive) four lengths! The water temperature was at 3 celsius today!

and all engines go!

Here comes Lucy!

Good to see Carol again ... she took her time getting in :) but once in, there was no stopping her!

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