Friday, 26 February 2010

Positively barmy

Amazing things happen at the Lido as soon as the water temperature creeps up just that little bit! Today, it measured 3.8 Celsius ... positively barmy! swimmers entered the pool from left right and centre! The activity was so great that even the weather gods thought of showing their kinder side ... air temperature 9 Celsius and .. wait for it ... the sun pushed through the clouds! Could this be the end of the ghastly rain we've had for what seemed an eternity?!

Vince and Simon heading off in different directions ...

...whereas Mary is heading off in yet another direction!

Simon coming up for air

Vince on his forth length looking just as relaxed as on his first ... the "hero" is back!

Sue and Chris showing what they are made off ... they too swam four lengths!

By the time Margy came out of the sauna, the sun was out making her jump (back into the pool!) for joy :)

Whereas (superman) Jonathan was totally unleashed ... must be all the Dorset Cereals he's been nibbling on ... in the sauna!

Eddy and Mark pacing up and down the pool (in different styles)

Bruno and Betty arrived at the Lido at their own pace

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