Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A hint of sun

Was that a hint of blue sky I saw this morning?! Did you catch it too? The night had been cold, b..... cold in fact! Just when we thought the really cold spell was over ... Some puddles on the common were even frozen ... the lido fountain was thankfully working well which meant the water had enough movement for it not to produce a layer of ice but, make no mistake, the water was still cold, b..... cold!
However, Vince was still setting records - 2 lengths and 2 widths - yesterday he had actually swam even more : 2 lengths and 3 widths! He usually sets a bench mark that some follow and others try to beat ... :) But today he was well in front ... on his own! even the hardened Chris and Sue "only" swam 2 lengths! Hey, Vince : You've done it! No one matched your "crazy" work out today! I'm just having a laugh because we all know that Vince doesn't do it to prove anything or to be a "hero" But of course he is a "hero" :)
Not having enjoyed my length as much as I normally do (probably had an off day yesterday) I decided to go for 2 widths with a tumble turn instead today :) and really enjoyed it - which of course is the name of the game -enjoyment! Like Nick already commented in the summer : "It cant be like work!" So it was time to reflect, listen to my body and keep clear of the danger of making a wonderfully exhilarating morning practice into a routine that could lead to over dosing!

Tooting Bec Lido's Trademark

Eddy enjoying his two widths while the sun was trying to make an appearance which made for lovely reflections on the water

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