Monday, 1 March 2010

Sun at last

What an amazing day! Sun at last! But don't let that fool you ... the water was still pretty cold! In fact it had been a frosty night - the windscreens on the cars outside my house were all frosted over and when leaving my house I was sure that the shallow end of the Lido would have a thin layer of ice too ... I was wrong :)

No ice and swimming lengths was on most people's agenda! not on John's who stuck his hands up the minute he got in :) Not really sure why? oh he must have done something wrong ...:)

Ok John, what have you done?!

Jonathan powering across the width of the pool

Vince in his usual style gliding back on his forth lengths

who do these pool side shoes belong too?

Chris and Sue on their first lengths - their routine starts by easing their way in and doing a bit of breaststroke before moving on to freestyle

Pip joined Chris and Sue on their second length

Alison on her way home after her splish

and Chris (heroically) swam another two lengths without Sue!

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