Friday, 12 March 2010


Today, I woke up fully energised and (very) ready for the day! Why am I so excited about it? Well, because if the truth be known I haven't been feeling "on top of the world" for the last couple of days ... even my sleeping pattern felt disrupted. I blame it on the prolonged - some may even may even say never ending - winter we are having ... Let's face it enough is enough ... I'm sure you'll agree, we want the sun to come out, stay out for a good few hours and warm us!

Nevertheless, last night, I slept like a baby! I woke up with good news (and stuff) to share with my "chums" at the Lido and with all the faithful followers of my blog! Remember the Dorset Cereal campaign for my blog? well, I don't know whether (when you voted for my blog) you've explored the rest of the Dorset Cereal website? If you have, you would have come across the photography competition they are also running. Anyway, I entered a few photos - I think of the Lido but I can't really remember :) - and low and behold, I won! Dorset Cereals rewarded me with 8 boxes (each containing 8 sachets) of Dorset Cereal Fruity Porridge! Since Sue Rentoul was the one who nominated my blog on the site and therefore introduced me to the prospect of exploring the site, it was only natural for me to share "the proud moment :)" this morning ... and to surprise Sue with two boxes of this lovely porridge!

I can also tell you, on arriving home this morning all I could focus on was to try the Dorset Cereal cranberry and raspberry porridge. It definitely gets the thumbs up. It warmed the (cold) spot and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Let's hope Dorset Cereal come on board and sponsor our Cold Water Championships next year by providing competitors with their delicious and wholesome food!

Still at the pool I felt like experimenting a bit and took some interesting shots of Nicky

Nicky on her lengths

another shot of Nicky

"another" Sue coming out of the water in the shallow end

Less of an experiment! simply Jonathan coming up for air after having jumped in :) or was the experiment whether he'd come back up for air?!;)

PS : by the way, you could vote for my blog again this month. I just found out that the competition for the blog runs every month! All votes for February have disappeared - so please vote again and let's see if we can win in March! we'll need quite a few more than we managed to collect in Feb.. :) so tell all your non Lido friends about it too! Thank you :)

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