Monday, 15 March 2010

Best splish

Today, I got the shot I was waiting to get for a while .. .well, ever since I saw the way Nick usually gets into the water - Before today, however, I have never been in the right place to attempt getting it ... there was either some one else doing something I was focusing on getting, like Jonathan performing a beautiful dive ;) or some one else jumping in, or someone swimming .... but today there were no other attractions or should I say distractions around :)
To give you a bit of background, Nick usually sits at the edge of the pool, kicking his legs around like mad .. but it's hard to tell for how long he will do that! Today, I positioned myself behind Nick and took my chance by anticipated the moment he will actually take the plunge forward. Having my little canon IXUS 70 in the waterproof housing means that there is an even greater time delay between pressing the shutter button and the camera actually taking the shot, than digital compact cameras notoriously have ...

Taking photos with it (specially action shots) becomes quite tricky - so I'm a bit "happy" with that shot, really :) cause just imagine asking Nick to get into freezing water a few times "just for the sake of a photo" :) simply put : he'd never!

Nick taking a plunge resulting in the best splish!

Peter is back!

wonderful reflections of the sun - I love all the different grades of blue!

Bettie above and ...

... bellow water cruising along at a leisurely pace - She was sweet because she couldn't really see why I putting my hands in the water and asked "what are you doing there?" well now you know, Bettie! I was hoping to get "more" of you in shot though ... but it's tricky to get the framing right when I'm actually not looking through the camera...


  1. Great pictures - incredible one of Nick - well worth the wait!!

  2. A bigger splash!
    I will come up to Lido next week-end, I hope the weather stays warm until then.