Saturday, 27 March 2010

Having fun

Today, I had in mind that I wanted to stay in longer so I packed my wetsuit just in case Bertie and Gertie were up for a swimming - and yes, I had a lot of fun in the pool - not only were the ducks up for it
.. lots of swimmers were too!

This is Sue jumping in after the Sauna!

Bertie and Gertie on their way to greet Michael

Hilary blowing bubbles

Ann coming towards me

I just jumped in as Ann was swimming by ... which created the extra bubbles

Batch in waving mood

Spider woman Nicola!

Egg in bombing mood!

The "Milers"! Margy and a male swimmers I haven't met before ... sorry forgot to ask his name are swimming in one direction - Sue must have started at a different time - stop press I know his name ( asked Margy 2 days later ...) it's Alex! well done Alex!

The two Carls ... ( well I usually call on of them Mark!! (only so that he can call me Florence!)

Mandy's daughter hesitating before braving the cold water -

and now for some art! ...
I had to play all by myself while no none was in the water!

Here I'm swimming on my back while tacking a shot


  1. Thanks Flo' - see you again soon.

  2. Great shots and comments as always - keep them coming, Elizabeth.