Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Second thoughts

Fazlar usually jogs around the pool before getting in - today he decided to walk!

Choosing the right slot to go for a swim can be quite tricky this time of year... this morning it chucked it down and now as I'm posting the blog the sun is out in its full glory ... I guess come April (in 2 days time!) we will be seeing a lot more of this typically temperamental weather pattern. Having said that, there is something wonderfully soothing about swimming in the pouring rain :) and now that the water is back to 9 Celsius it was even relaxing! Ok ok, for 4 lengths it was relaxing ... (not only) God knows what it felt like for more? no. Sue, Chris, Batch, Vince, Mark to name just a few .. also know! But according to Jonathan theory (see yesterday's blog) we know why they can swim so many more ... Anyway, I did do another two lengths after the sauna and those felt positively amazing!

Michael finishing off his swim with breaststroke

Betty bearing unfamiliar attire ... swimming with goggles as she's had an eye operation - she never asked the doctor whether she was allowed to swim so soon after the op ... well, lets face it, not even the doctor's advise would keep Betty from coming for her daily dip!

John trying to get Stephen's attention ...

... while Sue and Lucy are having a bit of a laugh ...

... and John is still putting his point across

This mug can only belong to ....

Brian! "Cost me six quid that mug!"

Margaret enjoying a relaxing backstroke

no more chatting - time for a relaxing ...

... cool down - which Stephen agrees "it was"

Peter on his way in while Jonathan and Nick are on the move ...

... but not before sharing a joke ...

... which by the looks of it, may or may not have been all that funny ... what do you say Nick?!

brave Gertie took one look and got in while Bertie is having second thoughts :)

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