Saturday, 13 March 2010


It was so wonderful at the Lido today! The air temperature was much more pleasant than all these past days and the water was great. I think it's probably psychological because the water was still "cold" :) Anyway, there was lots happening at the Lido: a film crew was present filming a promo for the London Triathlon and lots of members were swimming lengths to the amazement of the poor (filmed) guys who hadn't swam in water temperatures as cold as our water - mind you, one guy had a wetsuit on - which actually doesn't help a lot, as it's still the hands and feet that suffer most! They only managed about 5 strokes before getting out again ... just proves how hard it can be if you are not a regular cold water "nutter" !! or sorry I meant swimmer! Anyway, we all had a laugh together before the crew went on to film the same guys running and cycling while us Lido swimmers had the pool to ourselves again.

Psyched up by the weather, the commotion, seeing Mandy power up and down the pool with flippers and basically because I felt really well, I swam two lengths myself :) followed by a trip to the sauna, followed by two widths and sauna again before finishing off with another width :) Boy did I feel fit, tingly and happy!

Mandy in full swing - she was even faster than she normally is - which is FAST! But today, there was really no stopping her :)

and here is why - look, flippers!

not as easy to walk in though :)

I know this swimmer ... but I don't know his name:) he kindly congratulate me on my blog only today ... let's see if he goes on it regularly and recognised himself?:)

a bit of traffic, David (red cap) and "a mystery man" - can anybody identify him?!

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