Thursday, 11 March 2010

Behind schedule

Even the Daffodils are behind schedule

Hey would you believe it, my blog has quite a few followers :) Thank you to Aqua Marina and Alex for leaving comments and questions!

Question one : what is the 'Water Thingy" featured in yesterday's blog? well, Aquamarine it is a sort of "vacuum cleaner" the lifeguards command via a remote control devise to keep the bottom of he pool clean - basically, it gobbles up everything in sight - as mentioned: it's a really (and very useful) highly sophisticated "beast"! It sometimes even attacks swimmers ... and one has to be rather careful not to get entangled in its long "tail" ... but don't let this put you off Aqua Marina ... you can spot it from a distance and play with it by swimming over it, next to it under it ... or, you can stay well clear of it!

David dipping his thermometer into the shallow end of the pool to monitor the water temperature

Now, to Alex's request of an update of the Lido's water temperature! In a word, it's cold, Alex :) Much too cold for this time of year! Just for you Alex, I watched David, who takes the temperature daily, very closely today! In fact David told me that this time last year it was 8.8 Celsius (48 Fahrenheit - which is what David likes working in) whereas today it was 2.2 Celsius (36 Fahrenheit). It has been that low for quite some time now .... funnily enough, even the morning "die hards" were heard grumbling a bit today! ... I heard words like: "wouldn't it be nice if the wind would stop!"

I must say the wind does make it a "touch unpleasant at times" and I can report that being in the water is better than being out of it! Well, Alex I hope today's weather / water report has not put you off ... You said you haven't been for a swim since December. That's far too long! Coming to the Lido and having a swim is still just as invigorating as it was then and with a visit to the sauna I can assure you that all which may possibly have to be restored, will be restored!

David and Rixa having a good look at the thermometer after David had kept it in the water for a couple of minutes ...

... and here is the answer, 36 Fahrenheit or 2,2 Celsius or in a a word : cold!

So, although nature seems be a touch behind schedule, spring is surely just around the corner!


  1. thank you - a little pool hoover!!

  2. Proof that it's still only 2.2C! Thank you.
    I just sent off my subscription for this years Lido pass and can't wait to get back in the water but I think I might give it another week and hope for warmer weather. Amazing that it already 8.8C this time last year. Meanwhile I'll continue to read your blog.

  3. I read your blog most days. Glad to know of the water tempreture. It's been one width for the Sunday races almost since November. We'll miss the cold when its warm; mark my words!

    James BT