Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Creepy crawly

Back at the Lido ... no, not at my usual morning slot (I felt strangely dizzy this morning) but around noon (feeling much better by then, thank you!). Besides, I just couldn't miss going to the Lido now that I was back from "up north" after my amazing wild water swim :)

Surprisingly enough it was only once back at the Lido (and not as perhaps more likely at Gormire Lake) that I saw a strange looking yellow creepy crawly slowly moving along the bottom of the pool like a territorial beast ... but what could it be?! and then I saw another "thing" that resembled a snake! I couldn't figure it out by looking at it from the edge of the pool so I decided to take an underwater shot hoping that I could get a better impression of "it".

strange looking animal ...

putting my camera under water I captured another creature - looked like a snake or large worm to me!

no wait, here is a better view taken under water - looks like the creatures even had a tail!

But that wasn't all I saw. Suddenly still holding the camera under water all these bumbles were produced in front of the lens! What the heck was going on?! By now I was sure that there was yet another creature moving about.

take a closer look and you'll see something moving in the midst of the bubbles...

and then "it" surfaced ...

Hey, wouldn't you know ... it's no other than Ian, back from Botswana!

How reassuring , all is well at the Lido!


  1. I'm vicariously enjoying your swimming but I feel it's almost time for me to get back in the water, not been in the Lido since last December when it was about 4C. Can I request a temperature update?

  2. And please tell us Elizabeth - what is the pool thingy?!!