Monday, 29 March 2010

Perfect sense

I was in a bit of a rush this morning ... only swam 4 lengths - is it only me or was the water colder again today? according to David it is still around 48 Fahrenheit which is 8.8 Celsius .. well, that makes complete sense now! it's down by 0.2 celsius !! Chris and Sue still swam 10 lengths and so did Batch I believe .. Jonathan and I stayed at 4 lengths and Jonathan had the perfect explanation for it!

Batch taking a plunge after his sauna - now, according to Jonathan, Batch could stay in the pool longer and swim many more lengths than him because he is more like a ball :) does that mean Batch is rounder or does it Jonathan is just like a bean stalks?

which ever it is ... Batch must have given it a lot of thought while having his shower - but is still looking rather undedided

Sue merging with the water and

.... blowing bubbles all the way!

Chris and Batch having a good old natter over a cup of coffee!

check out the colours, this can only be Inez's cubicle :) but where is she?

ah that's where ... talking to her banana of course :)


  1. I am so excited there is a blog for Tooting Bec pool. I last swam there in Summer 1996 before returning to Australia (Canberra). I LOVED being a club member and still have my SLSC cap! I miss Tooting Bec. However, here in Canberra we have Manuka Pool, which as the wonderful atmosphere of serenity, friends and community. The pool is only open during summer. Canberrans aren't as hardy as Londoners :-)
    Thank you for a wonderful blog. Amanda

  2. Hi Amanda, and welcome to the blog!I'm glad you are enjoying it! how did you hear about it? the atmosphere at your pool sounds lovely too ... however Tooting is hard to beat I'm sure .. this winter was amazing the toughest (and longest) one we've had in a long time!maybe you could start a blog on the Manuka Pool?! keep in touch! Elizabeth

  3. Betti sent me a link to your blog. Since I left London, oh so many years ago, Betti and I have thankfully been in email contact. :-)